Neelima Annam

Neelima Annam

Vice President, Engineering and Planning at AIM Specialty Health

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I am experienced with building and leading global, cross-functional teams focused on high-quality execution and delivery, producing successful operational and financial outcomes. My experience spans Engineering & Product Delivery, Business Operations, IT Portfolio management, strategic planning, vendor management, compliance, and revenue growth. I manage a globally distributed cross-functional teams of employees and contractors and have responsibility for Technology operations for a portfolio of six applications with different tech stacks. Besides owning P&L responsibility for Technology programs, I've had the benefit of learning from several interesting opportunities like executing on post M&A business integrations, successful cloud migrations, collaboration with Go-to-Market & Strategy teams to develop OKR and KPIs aligned to business objectives, and optimizing delivery processes. I enjoy analyzing data to discern the story it is telling, creating tactical execution plans in support of strategic direction, and fostering a culture of teamwork, innovation, and quality among my teams. I am a big advocate of continuous learning and actively coach my teams to develop the mindset of valuing behaviors, actions, and outcomes over output.

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