Obaidullah Khawaja

Obaidullah Khawaja

Principanl Product Manager at Polly

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Hey there! I'm a seasoned product manager, currently leading a product team at Polly.ai, an employee engagement platform that runs on Teams, Slack and Zoom. I've been a founder, a PM at larger setups (Microsoft, Amazon) and have more recently become a growth nerd ~:) Before Polly I also setup an IVR radio product and an ad-tech startup backed by a global telco During COVID I helped lay out and execute our strategy for engagement during online meetings. I also worked closely with the team to reduce out churn significantly. All of this while PM'ing the construction of our family house! I have tons of learnings to share with other PMs based on my diverse experiences which spans domains (eCommerce, SaaS, Adtech, enterprise), geographies (US, UK, South Asia) and stages (0-1, growth, enterprise) I love connecting with others and am interesting in giving back. Please reach out if you're a PM or an aspiring PM!

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