Sanjin Celeski

Sanjin Celeski

Engineering Manager at Banque Saudi Fransi

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Hello šŸ‘‹ Imagine having a mentor with two decades of experience in the industry. Why me? With 19 years hands-on in software development and recent 4 years in management, I am bringing accumulated knowledge of best practices from both worlds. During my career I worked with design teams, product teams, engineering teams and leadership to plan, develop and launch amazing award-winning digital products. I help organizations turn their visions into reality by building teams that build products. I can help You shape your career story. Reach out to me and learn about: āœ“ How to qualify and grow into a successful manager āœ“ What can you expect in engineering manager role āœ“ Hiring best engineers for you team āœ“ Scaling single and multiple successful teams āœ“ Building supportive team culture āœ“ The answer to life, the universe, and everything The reason I am here is - YOU - let's connect! ā˜•ļø

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4 Years


Manager of ICs


Computer Software
Financial Services / Fintech

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