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I’m extremely passionate about helping people (call them colleagues, users, customers) and about driving success across product organizations. I enjoy coaching, helping and challenging fellow Product colleagues to succeed in their respective areas, as well as learning from them. I consider myself an obsessive learner, and I'm constantly seeking for inspiration and ideas in and out of my field. Keen to find disruptive solutions, challenging assumptions and keeping feet on earth by being informed by data and driven by empathy. I love challenges and complex problems.

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How to Build and Manage the First Product Roadmap for a Startup

19 January

Angel Jaime, Chief Product Officer at Yayzy, shares how he created the first product roadmap at a startup, and a simple process to keep it alive.

From Big Tech to Startup: Adding Value From Day 1

19 January

Angel Jaime, Chief Product Officer at Yayzy, recalls his transition from a well-established tech company to a sustainability startup, and the major differences he experienced.

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Chief Product Officer


Mar 2021 - current

We are building revolutionary technology to calculate carbon footprint using payment data, so individuals for the first time ever can connect their spending to its impact on the planet in real time. We deliver our tech via our mobile app and B2B APIs for banks and fintechs. On the mobile app you can connect your bank account and instantly track the carbon footprint of each purchase your make and compensate for it at the tap of a button, using high quality certified carbon offsetting projects. For banks and fintechs we provide our technology as is, so they too can help their customers understand and reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Senior Product Manager


Apr 2020 - Mar 2021

I led and line-managed 2 product teams responsible for: - Launching Rewards for Business on Revolut apps - Creating a new loyalty program for Business customers - Implementation of referrals framework for Business - Paid plans

Senior Product Owner


Jan 2019 - Apr 2020

- Leading 2 full-stack remote development teams - Implemented a Discovery stream of work (research, quantitative and qualitative initiatives), and led first experiments in B2B eCommerce - Created web-based feedback loops with healthcare professionals and internal stakeholders - Launched key features to unlock business potential; e.g. personalized experience and restricted product portfolios - Led UX redesign of core customer journey, previously based on “out of the box” SAP solution. Reflected in increased sales and user satisfaction - Coached interns, leadership trainees, and fellow Product colleagues

Product Manager

Oct 2017 - Jan 2019

Responsible for validating potential for a new business vertical and launching a new transport product, including: - Defining product strategy together with C-level stakeholders - Launching a successful new product in a novel area for, and scaling it to profitable levels - Defining product quality benchmarks and implementing quality framework with supply partners - Owning the integration of 3rd party products - Extensive qualitative and quantitative research (A/B testing, user testing) to discover and validate product proposition. Quotes by colleagues: - Senior Manager: "Massive and incredibly solid work on driving the product directions, decisions and priorities, deeply understanding the requirements, dependencies and potentials and making decisions well backed by data, facts and thorough research. I specifically admired the push for product quality - it was very well reasoned, researched, provided with detailed and easily understandable metrics and measurements and properly communicated too. Team work and communication was also quite impeccable - you were a great example of the efficiency and thoughtful execution." - Senior UX and Team Lead: "You have a real investment into the customers that I very much appreciate. You were constantly calling out things that created friction in the experience. Your first day you moderated user testing! That's bonkers but also amazing. You also always advocated for more testing as we continued to build. I think we were better off because of that and that extra voice full invested in the customers best interest. You have a real talent of balancing business goals and user needs. You've really shown how to use user problems and needs to drive business objectives which I hope to use as an example for the rest of the organization"

Senior Product Manager

Just Eat

Mar 2016 - Oct 2017

Managed Search experience across Web and Apps, from back-end and algorithmic layer to UX. - Gathering insights from all our markets and sites in order to optimize for a global, yet personal search experience. - Ranking personalization: experimentation with multiple inputs and optimization of ranking algorithm. - Enhance refinement experience, following users’ natural behavior when searching for restaurants. - Experimentation to enable new business programs, e.g. encouraging better partner performance. - Improve geolocation flow: locate the user accurately and match with partner delivery areas in order to improve satisfaction on both sides. On a broader scope, I also work across teams in the following initiatives: - Encourage effective experimentation within Just Eat. - Define Product metrics to drive success across teams. Quotes by colleagues: - Senior Manager: "Angel owned and contributed to a number of initiatives to improve the Product communities resources and practices, specifically the use of health metrics to understand how the products and teams within Just Eat are performing and A/B testing to ensure we productionize the best solution. Not only did Angel have a rigorous A/B testing process he also was the product sponsor of the whole A/B testing community; helping up-skill the product team. Angels’ approach was always considered and deliberate. He is very analytical, thoughtful and was focussed on making the right decision. Angel wasn’t ‘rushed’ by people to make a decisions, he was more concerned with doing the right thing within a practical order. It is worth pointing our that Angel was always keen to learn and had an exceptional curiosity and interest in how things worked; the big picture"

Product Manager

Sep 2013 - Feb 2016

Owned Partner-Guest and Partner-Booking communication platform from concept to live product across multiple products and channels (partner portal, email, Apps). Started partner App (Pulse) from concept to +200K partner users (currently +1M users), driving up partner engagement and improving significantly messaging reply rates. Mentored talented colleagues to become successful Product Owners at (and learned tons from them!). Other highlights: - Innovate on existing processes and tools to maximise availability, optimise pricing, improve acquisition capabilities and increase performance of partners - Research and analyse existing data to validate and evaluate ideas. Quantitative and qualitative analysis including SQL, Google Analytics, R & usability tests at different stages of product development. - A/B testing and experimenting - Develop new methods of obtaining and measuring hotel / user feedback - Liaising with developers, designers and other Product teams to make sure projects are implemented successfully and its impact properly leveraged at different levels - Own products end-to-end from ideation to scale-up, including wireframe creation, prototyping, MVP launch, go-to-market strategy definition and launch. - Own products at different layers: back-end, client-side and mobile (iOS and Android)

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