Astika Gupta

Astika Gupta

Sr Product Manager at eBay

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    With over 5 years of Product Management experience in the tech industry, Astika has established a knack for products and passion for uplifting the world with innovative technology & strong empathetic leadership. Working on different product domains at eBay, Elo Touch and Microsoft, she brings to table a unique combination of skills ranging from customer empathy, creativity to strategy and strong technical understanding. She is an experienced product leader with a demonstrated history of driving and delivering multiple products from conception to launch.

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    Mentorship Troubles: Finding the Right Fit

    4 June

    Astika Gupta, Sr Product Manager at eBay, explains how to find the right mentor and how self-reflection and defining a set of goals one wants to achieve can help to find the right fit.

    Personal Growth
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    Switching Career From Engineering to Product Management

    4 June

    Astika Gupta, Sr Product Manager at eBay, recalls her transition from a software engineer to a product manager detailing her own path into a new field.

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    Career Path
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