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Nimay Parekh

Nimay Parekh

VP of Product and Growth at Jivox

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  • Friday 17th Dec9:00 PM (GMT)

Nimay currently serves as the VP of Product and Growth at Jivox, a Forrester Global Leader in ML and cloud based technologies. He previously led the product development of core content to commerce and clinical trial matching technologies that matched over 140,000 patients. Additionally, he led the development of cloud services and software offerings at Cloudreach, a Blackstone portfolio company. Formerly, Nimay led new business growth in the Middle East for Factset Research Systems (NYSE:FDS), led corporate development at India's largest luxury company in 14 countries and managed product development at JP Morgan Chase in New York (NYSE:JPM). Nimay is an INSEAD MBA (2016), alumnus of NASA and Google's Singularity University GSP (2014) and TEDx and SXSW Speaker of the DIY Equation on the methodology of productizing global humanitarian projects. In 2019. Nimay was invited to become a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow.

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