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Amitav Chakravartty

Ex CTO at Vaycayhero

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    As an engineering leader, entrepreneur, and investor, I navigated the companies from an initial concept to a successful product and generated millions of revenue. My background includes 12+ years of launching mission-critical enterprise and consumer products and services within SaaS, Marketplace, Travel Tech,and Fintech, Healthtech spaces. My areas of expertise include: ✧ Solid knowledge of software architecture and development with hands-on experience in architecting Web, Mobile, Cloud, API, and Data Science products. ✧ Great understanding of competitive landscapes and strategic markets as well as an ability to innovate and build new products and bring existing products to the next level. ✧ Strong business acumen, experienced leading capital raises, strategic planning, and road mapping ✧ Provide leadership in various stages of an organization, manage A+ teams Engineers and Managers in various organizations at various stages of the company. ✧ Team leadership with a deep passion for integrating technology into the business while consistently delivering iterative critical releases under high-pressure, fast-paced, and agile environments. ✧ Recognized within the industry for groundbreaking contributions in advancing the platform; my whitepapers are referred to by various journals published under the International Journal of Advanced Computing

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    A Founder’s Dilemma: Choosing Between Technology and Customers

    27 February

    Amitav Chakravartty, ex-CTO at Vaycayhero, dissects a common founder’s dilemma: should they focus on the latest technology or their customers’ needs.

    Managing Expectations
    Building Trust or Doing a Reorg

    27 February

    Amitav Chakravartty, ex-CTO at Vaycayhero, shares his dilemma: should he restructure his malfunctioning team or build trust with them.

    Psychological Safety
    Two Key Elements of a New Manager’s Mindset

    27 February

    Amitav Chakravartty, ex-CTO at Vaycayhero, highlights two key elements of a new manager’s mindset -- being in the driving seat and not going with a flow.

    Managing Expectations
    New Manager
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