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George Gatsis

CTO at 95 Percent Group LLC

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I have been involved in building commercial software systems for over 35 years. I have managed teams for startups, high growth, and high profit organizations. In my last position, I ran the K-12 EdTech division for Follett. Doing this time, I have been focused on developing people, creating high performing teams and high performing cultures. Key Achievements ★Drove Follett's K-12 technology vision, innovated mature product lines, right-sized business operations, and instilled an agile culture of interoperability and innovation. ★Drove the selection and acquisition of four tech companies. Completed three acquisitions in three months, driving revenue from $50 million to $100 million over a 24-month period. ★More than tripled Follett’s educational consumer web business from $30M to $100M+, generating over $500 million in profits by introducing Agile / Lean methods, Continuous Process Improvement, software reengineering, staff development, and inorganic growth. ★Led a lean organization with a 50% OP for Follett using an approach where the customer was first, through turnkey management approaches and servant management methods. ★Built a culture of team coaching, mentoring, innovation and continuous improvement that produced award winning software products and world class recognition of my teams.

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Dealing With the Catastrophic Failure of an Important Product

18 May

George Gatsis, principal CTO and COO at ExecHQ, found himself at the center of a national debacle involving the ERP system that his company provided to school systems from coast to coast.

Stakeholder Management
Working with Product Teams
Shrinking the Ego and Becoming Receptive to Others

18 May

George Gatsis, principal CTO and COO at ExecHQ, emphasizes the importance of humbling yourself and forging connections with those that you work with.

Career Growth
Working with Product Teams
“Right-Sizing” Your Team With Empathy

18 May

George Gatsis, principal CTO and COO at ExecHQ, maintains a sense of empathy when making difficult decisions as a manager serving a company in peril.

Conflict Resolution
Working with Product Teams
Team Management
Hiring, Retaining, or Firing
The Early Days of Agility

18 May

George Gatsis, principal CTO and COO at ExecHQ, remembers that revolutionary time in the industry when making teams more agile was the brand new cure-all for dysfunction in the workplace.

Engineering Processes
Working with Product Teams
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