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Nikhil Mungel

Nikhil Mungel

Senior Engineering Manager at Splunk

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  • Monday 20th Dec4:00 PM (GMT)

Experienced leader familiar with building user-facing and developer-facing cloud-based products and services, web applications, and infrastructure tools. Writer at

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4 Years


Manager of Managers


Cloud Services
Computer Software

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Shipping Cloud-Native Software With a Focus on Sustainable Operability

4 August

Nikhil Mungel, Senior Engineering Manager at Splunk, talks about the sustainability dimensions that managers should prioritize in feature development.

Dev Processes
Team Processes
Driving Freestyle Innovation Inside Large Organizations

19 May

Nikhil Mungel, Senior Engineering Manager at Splunk, shares how big corporations can innovate just as successfully as startups.

Managing Up
Scaling Team
Team Processes
The Antidote to Being Too Thinly Spread

19 May

Nikhil Mungel, Senior Engineering Manager at Splunk, shares how he found a way to manage a team that had increased workload and no North Star to work towards.

Dev Processes
Sharing The Vision
Team Processes
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