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Bruno Lichot

Bruno Lichot

CPO at :hiperstream

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    More than 24 years working in high technology and product development. Engaged in delivering results and passionate about innovation and how to develop new ways to revolutionize business and create new markets to transform people's lives and increase companies’ impact on their operation field. Experienced in product and people management acting inside multidisciplinary global teams and developing vertical solutions mainly in the financial services, software development, insurance, education, healthcare, sports, smart cities and telecom industries. Strong proven experience in team management, product development, software architecture and product evangelism. Motivated by entrepreneurship and challenges, ready for new learning and able to simplify scenarios to deliver results in dynamic and challenging markets. Experienced speaker and in to build product development through collaboration and partnerships, cloud computing, Apps and sales strategies. Passionate about technology; his life was transformed during his teens when started programming computers and, since 1995, he has been working in technology product creation. The last 14 years he worked at Borland, CA Technologies and Microsoft's innovation department. In recent years at Microsoft before joining HiperStream Inc, he was responsible for investing and help to develop products and technology hubs for market verticals. Leaded a set of industries initiatives which he is a big fan such as Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Agriculture, Sports and Smart Cities. He always works to solve complex problems with simple to use solutions, much more than product users, he want to generate a community and promote the common good with extremely enjoyable, relevant and high added value products.

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    Focusing on Products Over Services

    2 November

    Bruno Lichot, Chief Product Officer at :hiperstream, recalls his experience transitioning an organization into a global product company and securing new investments.

    Innovation / Experiment
    Cultural Differences
    Selling Technically Complex Products

    2 November

    Bruno Lichot, Chief Product Officer at :hiperstream, shares how he enabled a sales team to sell a technical product by empathizing with their struggles.

    Coaching / Training / Mentorship
    Promoting Change Without Losing Partners

    2 November

    Bruno Lichot, Chief Product Officer at :hiperstream, explains his process to scale a business without hurting employees or customers.

    Changing A Company
    Mission / Vision / Charter
    Scaling Team
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    Head of Product Management – Zug/Switzerland, European Union & LATAM

    :hiperstream Inc

    Jan 2017 - current

    :hiperstream is a global technology company that was born to support the digital transformation in other companies. Through logical and automated validation of data, technology for financial communication and relationship management our B2B/B2B2C customers reduce risks and losses in their operations and offer a better customer financial journey experience. I am head of product management and I manage 3 products across Europe and the Americas leading the core product and user experience. I also manage technical partners and offer software architecture guidance and validation to several technologies and platforms. Additionally, my accountabilities include • Product Management • Digital Transformation Strategy • People Management • Product Improvement & Innovation • Technical Staff hiring across Europe & LATAM • Cap new Investors & Support in New Acquisitions I am the catalyst to put the right people together to solve complex problems with simple-to-use solutions. My focus is intended to secure the best results from the best combination of team talent and products. I am also a long-time advocate of promoting the common good with extremely enjoyable, relevant, and high added value results. Business Responsibilities: • Product Management of 3 different products in Latam and Europe; • Digital Transformation Strategy Supporting 35 Big Enterprises with at Least 1M of customers (B2B2C); • Product Improvement & Innovation – Moved from Services to a Cloud Solution SaaS Platform; • Created 2 new product lines & 3 new pricing format with signature and consumption; • 19 New Staff hiring across Europe & LATAM; • Company HQ in Delaware USA(2017), Offices in Porto/Portugal & Zug/Switzerland(2018). • Moving Brazil Office from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo(2018) • First Investment Round in SFO(2017) 1.5M USD, Second Round of Investment SPO(2019) 2M USD Technical Responsibilities: • Head of Product Development leading 3 teams across Europe and Latam; • Leading the core product & user experience creating a new UX and UI; • Product quality assurance & compliance getting the platform certified for GDPR and LGPD; • Manage 4 Technical Partners in Europe and Latam, Payment Integration & Fintech/Open Banking Ecosystem; • Software Architecture Guidance & Validation: .NET Core, Native Code, Cloud Architecture, Node JS, Angular, Vue, HTML 5, Xamarin, IOS, Android, AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker Containers, Kubernetes, Dynatrace, Elasticsearch, SQL & No SQL & APIs; • DevOps and ALM Advisor Rebuilding all CI/CD and SDLC automation for all products; Key Results: • During pandemic 2020 increased revenue in 20% YOY; • Increase of 80% in Recurrent Revenue since 2017; • More than 10 Billions of data validated; • 50 Millions of end Consumers impacted; • 130$ Billions in data validated; • 25 Millions of Digital Migration; • 1 Billion of Financial Communications Delivered; • 21% Growth of Digital Channels and 19% of Reduction in Physical Channels during COVID; • 43% Growth in Data Validated YOY during COVID; • 6 New Global Customers Acquisition; • 23 New Trainings, User Manuals & Technical Docs; • 90% Storage Costs Reduction; • ISO 27001, 27701, GDPR & LGPD Setup; • New Customer Financial Journey Platform released; • Transformation of a Service company into a Product as a Service business; • New PRM platform and Digital Channel with Dynamic Invoice & True Social Media Experience; • New Data Validation Automation Product; • New B2B & B2B2C Approach with Global Product Localization.

    Product Development Manager – Apps & Cloud – Brazil, LATAM & USA


    Jul 2014 - Jan 2017

    Business Responsibilities: • Development of new cloud products through innovation with Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Mobile Apps, Machine Learning, IT consumerization & Payments; • Promote cloud platform, modern Apps with product management, digital migration & partnerships to increase solutions number, quality & impact; • Disruptive Product Management, especially for finance, agribusiness, education, healthcare, logistics & public sector verticals; • Manage & create high-performance products to accelerate the adoption cycle of most disruptive MS stack, allowing ISVs & startups to innovate with a focus on digital transformation & cloud computing; • Innovation Specialist and hub leader for agribusiness, finance, healthcare, education & public sector; • Startups Tutor & Counselor, solutions recruiter & funds investor advisor – More than 2M USD Invested from 2014 to 2017; Technical Responsibilities: • Lead Technical Product Management, Integration & Innovation - >100 Business Impacted; • Software Architecture Design & Validation: .NET, Azure, Windows Apps, Mobile Apps & SQL Database; • Best Practices Counselor for cross collaboration, co-product creation and marketing; • Microsoft Cloud, Apps, Office 365, SQL Server & Development Platform Evangelist; • Technical Focal Point for Financial Services, Insurance, Public Sector, Education and Agricultural Verticals Products; Key results: • Development of 23 education products in two fiscal years (70% of total products); • 2 times Best education product award in LATAM (2015 and 2016); • Reference O365, OneNote and SQL Server development with 14 certified apps; • In 2014/15 led the development of W10 end users Apps as Poliedro APP, Cinemark, Tudo Gostoso, Certiface, Brasil National Bank, among others B2C, B2B and B2B2C; • Led BI & intelligence initiative at COB ops center for the Olympics 2016; • Accelerated over 6M USD in Azure revenue and more than 40M USD in Partners Ecosystem; • 32 products in co-marketing & co-sell; • Recruitment of more than 100 companies for the product dev program; • Microsoft Fintech, Payments and Blockchain Hub Leader in Brazil; • Advisor for investments and acceleration plans for product creation in Brazil, private and public sectors.

    Product Program Manager for DevOps and Application Delivery

    CA Technologies

    Jun 2013 - Aug 2014

    Business Responsibilities: • Lead DevOps product adoption, discovery strategy, new opportunities and products for Latin America, Caribbean and Mexico; • Support Account Planning, Tactical Planning and Product Execution through teams, vertical and partners with product development, DevOps and digital transformation; • Partner Training for service, development and licensing; • Lead product management initiatives in collaboration with distributed teams for product improvements, corrections and create new innovative solutions; • Support marketing activities, market positioning and product experience for DevOps; Technical Responsibilities: • Lead the Technical Adoption of New CA Technologies DevOps Products; • Lead and Execute Products Proof of Concept; • Product Development, Extend New Features and Third Party Integrations; • Evangelize CA Technologies DevOps and Software Test Platform; • Main Technical Focal Point for ALM, DevOps and Quality Assurance; Key results: • DevOps solutions´ revenue in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean was doubled; • Awarded Worldwide Rock Star DevOps and as most influential in the acquisition and retention of new talents; • Led firsts banks, payment middleware and telecoms adoption of CA DevOps Products.

    Product Portfolio Manager for Dev/ALM/QA


    Aug 2010 - May 2013

    Business Responsibilities: • Product sales strategy planning and execution for SMB territory (4000 customers); • Training product and services partners in ALM, DEV and QA to act with Visual Studio and TFS; • Support Product Account Planning, Tactical Planning and Product Sales through Microsoft resellers; • Training and Support Internal Team; • Product Development and execution of Campaigns with Cross Selling Strategies; • Create and Deploy ALM products, DEV and QA for strategic customers; • Responsible for Visual Studio Product Program in Brazil; • Implementation of Hands On Labs programs, Customer Experience and Executive Briefing Center for DevTools Products; • Creation and execution of marketing campaigns focused on DevTools Products for SMB (13,000 customers); Technical Responsibilities: • Lead the Technical Adoption of Visual Studio Product, TFS and MS Test Manager Tools; • Lead and Execute Products Proof of Concept; • Training of New Technology and Products Partners; • Evangelize Microsoft Cloud, ALM, DevOps and Software Test Products; • Main Technical Focal Point for ALM, DevOps and Quality Assurance Products; Key results: • Took the product revenue growth from $2.6 million in 2010 to $9M in 2013; • Award as “Best Practice” for two years (2012/2013); • Increase the number of specialized product partners from 4 to 13 in three years; • Increased number of product resellers from 0 to 6 with higher capacity to meet DevTools SMB and more than 120 companies trained over 2012 and 2013; • Participated in the design and implementation of ALM products, DEV and QA in large companies as TOTVS, Stefanini, CI&T, Conductor, BGM Rodotec, Fibra Bank, Zurich Insurance, IT Probe, CELG, SAAE Guarulhos, Bematech, among others; • Award as best Product Marketing Campaign for two years (2012/2013).

    Product, Technology and Innovation Consultant Board Member


    Dec 2009 - Jun 2013

    • Board Member responsible for leading the technological renovation, new product development and company’s positioning with products to the healthcare market focusing on digital migration and operations automation in a Mission Critical Environment; • Advisor for marketing, training and product creation; Key results: tripled revenues and the market value of the company, from USD 1.8M to USD 5.5M.

    Program Line Product Manager and Evangelist

    Embarcadero Technology

    Jun 2006 - Jul 2010

    • Technical Manager for Embarcadero's products in Brazil; • Specialist for mission-critical applications, multi layer applications, web services, high availability, web interfaces and geographical distribution; • Active in internal and external Agile transformation; • Participated and led some of the major successful products for companies such as Medial, POLISHOP, Navy of Brazil, Supreme Court, Sulamerica Insurance, Caixa Insurance, among others in verticala as health, high technology and finance. • Implementation of Agile Product Development with SCRUM and Kanban; • In 2007 managed the world wide team responsible for building product training materials, certification tests and periodicals throughout; • Main evangelist in Brazil: Responsible for supporting the sales of Embarcadero and Borland products and the relationship with the user groups and communities; • Team member to develop new products for development tools group. • From 2006 to 2010 has reached more than 8000 people giving training, workshops and presentations in specialized events. • Create and led for more than 10 years a user group community with more than 3000 members about product creation and software development.

    Development and New Technology Manager


    Jun 2004 - Jun 2006

    • Responsible for the new products technical management, development and support teams; • Technological innovation manager for the entire product platform; • A pioneer in the development of multi-tier products with geographic distribution through Windows applications, Web and Web Services • Leader of agile methods, having planned and executed the adoption of Agile methods in product development; • Development specialist with a strong focus on health, logistics and financial.

    Technical and Training Manager & Technical Editor

    DevMedia Group

    Apr 2003 - May 2004

    • Responsible for the design of new training, management and evolution of existing ones; • Member of the board for technological business decisions, agile methodologies and internal information systems;

    Technical Manager of Training and Chief Instructor

    Digidata Informática

    Oct 2000 - May 2002

    • Main Consultant for internet / intranet, Client / Server and Multi-Tiered Systems with Relational Database; • ASP, PHP, Delphi, InterBase, Oracle, PostGree and SQL Server Instructor; • Manager of the instructor’s team, responsible for the allocation of tasks / people, hiring and training; • Participation in the editorial counselor, technical and editorial reviewer for magazines and newsletters; • Writer for the magazines ClubeDelphi and SQL Magazine; • Project management and design of lesson plans for new technologies and updating existing ones.

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