How Plato can help your Engineering and Product team grow as Leaders

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Companies using Plato to grow their high potential employees

Anantha Kancherla

Anantha Kancherla

VP Engineering, Software @ Lyft

"100% of the Engineering leads on my team said they would recommend Plato after 1 year of usage"

Anantha Kancherla

Shravan Sogani

Senior Director of Engineering @ SurveyMonkey

"Plato's Customer Success team helps my team be accountable. Mentorship without their guidance is like going to the gym without a coach"

Anantha Kancherla

Loïc Houssier

VP Engineering @ DocuSign

"The community is incredible. My team gets a lot of actionable advice from the best engineering and product leaders in the industry"

Offer the best career development solution for your team

A real talent development program for your team

Offer a real talent development program to your team, using our Mentorship coaching team (20,000 mentorship sessions last year)

Unlimited access to mentors and content for your team

Book mentoring sessions with the best Engineering/Product Leaders; leverage 1000s of blog posts to help your team grow

Visibility on what your team is working and progress

View real-time insights about your team: their strengths, their growth areas and the topics they care about.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager

A CSM is a dedicated point of contact to run quarterly assessment and answer any Plato related questions.

Submit a Challenge - we take care of the rest

A dedicated Mentorship Coach per team member

Mentorship and self improvement can be overwhelming, we're offering to each Plato user the advice of a Mentorship coach to help them get matched with the Appropriate mentors, frame their challenges and evaluate their progress.

An executive dashboard to monitor usage and progress

Understand how your team is leveraging Plato, monitor their satisfaction and easily visualize what your team is working on.

Group Sessions with Peers

Leverage Plato's Circles to offer your team with access to group mentoring sessions. Those sessions are highly specialized based on function and seniority and give your team the opportunity to learn from with other members of the Plato community

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