AMA Sessions By Plato, Hosted By Our Mentors

Have valuable, candid conversations with peers around curated topics by Plato Mentors. Discover the things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

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AMAs, like 1:1 calls, are based upon a story and are more of a conversation with up to 5 other mentees and a mentor. You will have a chance to interact with a top-notch mentor and the other present mentees via an interactive conference call. Easier access to our mentor superstars, meeting more people… what’s not to love?

Mentors from the best companies

Connect With Mentors While Meeting Peers.

AMAs at Plato are unlike any other you've participated in. They're actually intimate group mentoring sessions with up to 6 attendees. This means you can:

Share ideas with mentors as well as peers

Learn from others in similar situations as you

Shed light on your unknown unknowns

Grow together as a Cohort

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Attend Unlimited Sessions

Your Plato account gives you access to unlimited AMA sessions. There are dozens available and new ones being added every day so keep checking back for topics that interest you. And if you miss one, you can always catch the recording!

Grow With Your Peers

Join 5 other peers in each AMA call and work through your challenges together. A Plato mentor will be around to guide the conversation and answer your questions.