Plato Mentors: Frequently Asked Questions

‣ Who are the Plato mentees?

We serve mentees from many different backgrounds at varying points in their careers. The companies they work for can range from small start-ups to large organizations such as Lyft or Box.

‣ When will I have my first call?

You can expect to be booked for you first mentoring call within the first month after onboarding with Plato. A great way to ensure your slots are booked is to publish Plato stories as soon as possible. We’ll use these stories to match you with mentees facing similar situations.

‣ What type of calls do I start with?

New mentors typically have one-time calls with several mentees before they establish their first long-term mentorship.

‣ How do I publish Plato stories?

You can book a story gathering call with Plato. During this call, you’ll discuss previous experiences and challenges you’ve faced in the past. We’ll then have one of our writers develop stories based on the conversation. Book a call with us here:

How do I attend the video call?

We will provide a unique Zoom link for each of your calls. You can find those links in the calendar events and on Slack in the shared channels between you and your mentees.

‣ Do you record the calls? What are the regulation regarding the data that you collect?

We record calls for product improvement and quality assurance, and we will never share the recordings with anyone without your consent. All data that we collect is protected under our Terms & Conditions. Please also note that since we have customers in Europe, we are a GDPR company.

‣ I am not free for one of my Plato reserved slot. What should I do?

No worries! Just decline the event in your calendar and we’ll automatically remove it from the availabilities we share with mentees.

‣ I would like to reschedule a 1:1 call or AMA session. How do I do that?

You can update the calendar event directly on your calendar. This will automatically update our system and inform the mentees. Just make sure you decline the unbooked Plato reserved slot event if you happen to reschedule it to occur during another one of your weekly slots. Alternatively, you can simply contact us on Slack with the new time and date for the call and we’ll handle the logistics.

‣ I would like to cancel a 1:1 call or AMA session. How do I do that?

Decline the associated Plato calendar event with as much advance notice as possible. For 1:1 calls, we’ll follow up by opening a shared Slack channel for you and your mentee to discuss rescheduling. For AMA sessions, someone from the Plato Team will contact you on Slack and via email to discuss a new time and date for the session.

‣ How do I know how I perform as a mentor? Do I get feedback from my mentees?

After each call, we ask mentees to grade the mentor on how satisfied they were with the call and how it helped them to solve their challenge. After several calls, you get an average grade on your performance page. You also receive qualitative feedback from the mentees if they share any.

‣ How do I change my weekly slot?

Just reach out on Slack to let us know your preferred new slot and when you’d like it to take effect.

‣ Any other questions?

Reach out to us on Slack and we’ll be in touch to assist you ASAP!