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Achieving scale as an engineering leader — from technology to teams to culture

What guides your scaling decisions? Get tips from Vijaya Kaza, Airbnb's Head of Engineering for Trust and Safety.

How to Build Diverse and Inclusive Teams, According to Leaders at Airtable and Box

Building diverse and inclusive engineering teams starts with a hiring process that limits bias. After all, hiring is the engine that builds your team. If you’re not hiring a diverse set of candidates, you can’t have a diverse team. And if you’re not cultivating an inclusive environment, even the diverse teams you build could begin to deteriorate.

How-to successfully setup OKRs for the first time to align and drive Product teams

OKRs have become the go-to solution for the World class Product Organizations to drive their roadmap and teams.

Benjamin Malartic-Ardange
Think you know how to conduct a technical interview? Think again.

Back in January, Karat partnered with Harris Poll to conduct a survey of 253 engineering leaders and hiring decision-makers. We used those results as benchmarks to compare to a second survey of 100 additional leaders last month to gauge the impact of COVID-19 on hiring trends.

Free mentorship for 2,000 people from underrepresented communities

A free mentorship initiative that connects people from underrepresented communities to world-class tech leaders through intimate group mentorship

Managing High Performers

It can be tempting to handle high performers in a “fire & forget” mode — after all they are the ones you can count on to be self-sufficient and get things done. However, experienced managers learn that their high performers can require as much of their attention as low performers. Moreover, if you accept the premise that the role of a leader is to build leadership, then growing your high performers is a key responsibility.

Chris Haag
Managing Low Performers

Managing low performing employees is a topic that vexes leaders at all levels. How much time and effort should we invest to help them improve? How do you know when further efforts are pointless? When do you switch from “managing them up“ to ”managing them out“? Inevitably working with low performers will be stressful and likely create anger, anxiety, and sadness for the manager.

Chris Haag
A Leader’s transition guide to Working from Home

Connie Kwan is offering us some help to work from home.

Connie Kwan
We Do Not Need Senior Developers, We Need Senior Codebases

The IT market says it needs more senior developers. I think there is more than enough. What we need are senior codebases.

Connie Kwan
The most powerful tool in the Product management toolbox

Product Management makes decisions, lots of them. Some days it’s 10 small decisions about the product interface, some days it’s one major decision about a $3M acquisition. Decision making is part and parcel to the job.

Connie Kwan
Feedback, Honesty and Kindness

Bruno Miranda is giving us great advices on how to deliver feedback with kindness and honesty.

The Long and Winding Road

Ron Pragides gives us a glimpse of Carta's history in a touching farewell.

Ron Pragides
The 10x Engineer and Delegated Responsibility

Ian Lotinsky, CTO at LearnZillion, is giving us his management vision in this article explaining a framework of delegated responsibilities.

Ian Lotinsky
Creating magical Product + Engineering teams

We'll have a panel discussion with experienced product + engineering managers where you can learn about the challenges and successes others have faced when bringing world-class Product and Engineering teams together!

Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering Teams

We put together an inspiring team of leading engineering managers and speakers to discuss this important topic.

Unknown Unknowns in Engineering Management

Joining us for this discussion are engineering leaders that represent deep management experience and insights from their time at companies like: Twilio, Segment, Facebook, Dropbox, Box and Accellion

Managing Remote Teams

This event co-organized by Plato and Segment features a conference followed by hands-on workshops with our speakers.

Scaling Your Engineering Culture

We've gathered this impressive panel to discuss this challenge that every engineering team faces as it grows.

Scaling Your Engineering Culture

We've gathered this impressive panel to discuss this challenge that every engineering team faces as it grows.

Building Strong Eng + Product Teams (Chicago meetup)

If you're interested in building a strong relationship between Eng and Product teams, join us on Mon, Dec 10th to hear from leaders from some of Chicago's respected tech companies (Uptake). Learn best practices and how others have overcome common management challenges, plus meet other engineering and product managers!

Brad BovenKatie Hughes