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Mountain View, CA+11,800 people

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, spanning over 200 countries and 774 million users. The website allows both employers and employees to publish articles, job postings, or organize events. LinkedIn differentiates itself from other employers by focusing on five main cultural pillars: integrity, transformation, human, collaboration, and results. As a tech behemoth, LinkedIn puts emphasis on mentorship and exposes its members to influential ideas from innovative thinkers. It strives for diverse culture, empowering underrepresented groups through hiring efforts and bi-weekly All Hands meetings.

Mentors who worked at LinkedIn (3)

Roshan SumbalyRoshan Sumbaly

Manager at Meta (Facebook, Oculus, & Family of Apps)

Tung VoTung Vo

VP of Engineering at TripActions

Saurabh PareekSaurabh Pareek

Group/Lead Product Manager at PayPal Inc.

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