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Mountain View, CA+135,300 people

As the most visited website worldwide, Google was founded in 1988 by two Stanford Ph.D. Students. In 2004, the company went public and built products that excelled past the initial search engine. Google's services are designed to promote productivity in the workplace and more personally. To increase success, Googles focuses on user experience, displaying fast results, and creating mobile solutions. Culture is streamlined at Google, increasing knowledge sharing via bi-weekly meetings. With its dedication to innovation and experimentation, Google is able to hold its place as the second most valuable brand ranked by Forbes.

Mentors who are working at Google (2)

Michael MaranoMichael Marano

Technical Director, Office of the CTO at Google

Rachid El GuerrabRachid El Guerrab

Ex-Director of Engineering at Google

Mentors who worked at Google (13)

Walter LeeWalter Lee

Former Head of Product at Stessa

Dan FikeDan Fike

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Carta

David TabachnikovDavid Tabachnikov

Remote CTO at ScholarshipOwl

Allen CheungAllen Cheung

VP of Engineering at Kiddom

David MurrayDavid Murray

Cofounder at Confirm

Pascal CorpetPascal Corpet

CTO at Bayes Impact

Neetika BansalNeetika Bansal

Head of Engineering, Money Movement at Stripe

Joe ChangJoe Chang

Global Head of Engineering at Uber Freight

Anand MariappanAnand Mariappan

VP of Engineering at Impira

Daniel PupiusDaniel Pupius

Co-Founder and CEO at Range

Aseem SoodAseem Sood

Co-founder/CTO at OpenCollective

Ole DallerupOle Dallerup

CTO at Dreamdata

Shiv DeepakShiv Deepak

Engineering Manager at HackerRank

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