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Five Game-Changing Books for First-Time Managers

Ehsan Imran, Engineering Manager at thinkmoney, picks five game-changing books from his bookshelf that made his transition to a management role more successful.

Transitioning from a Director to the VP of Engineering? - Three great takeaways to help you progress

Insights from the Sr. VP of Engineering at Coursera - Richard Wong

A Product Manager's guide to success

Insights from Jackie Bavaro - Ex Product Leader at Asana, Google, Microsoft & Co-author of books “Cracking the PM interview” and “Cracking the PM career”

Building a customer-focused engineering team

Guidelines from the Cofounder and CEO of Bond, Roy Ng

Leading with empathy in the age of COVID

Tips from Rukmini Reddy - Vice President of Engineering at Slack

Building a great remote hiring and onboarding process for engineers

Tips from the Director of Engineering at Calm, Ellen Wong and the Director of Engineering at Venmo, Papanii Okai

How to Build Diverse and Inclusive Teams, According to Leaders at Airtable and Box

Building diverse and inclusive engineering teams starts with a hiring process that limits bias. After all, hiring is the engine that builds your team. If you’re not hiring a diverse set of candidates, you can’t have a diverse team. And if you’re not cultivating an inclusive environment, even the diverse teams you build could begin to deteriorate.

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