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Top Three Books That Should Be on Your Summer Reading List

Herman Man, CPO at BlueVine, picks his three ever-favorites -- ranging from fresh-from-the-press to classic must-reads -- that will make your summer packed with inspiring and worthwhile advice.

Building a customer-focused engineering team

Guidelines from the Cofounder and CEO of Bond, Roy Ng

Assessing the health of an engineering organization

Advice from Pooja Brown (VP of Engineering at Stitch Fix) and Luc Vincent (EVP of Engineering at Lyft)

How Luc Vincent Sets Goals For His Autonomous Driving Team At Lyft

Luc Vincent was the founder of Google Street View and is the Founder of Lyft Level 5, the autonomous driving unit of Lyft. He hired 300 engineers in 18 months. In this live video AMA on Plato, moderated by Heather Rivers, CTO of Mode, and Brett Huff, Engineering Manager at Atlassian, Luc talks about how he sets goals for his team and ensures they stay on track.

Evaluating Your Team's Success As You Grow

At Plato Elevate, our recurring summit for Product and Eng leaders, Howard Sueing, CTO of Onramp, welcomed execs from LogDNA, Brex, and CZI for a conversation on measuring your team’s success as you grow or scale.

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