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Our Values

Values make up the lifeblood of an organization, and these are part of what makes us Plato. If you’re taking a peek to learn more, or potentially interested in joining us, we’d love for you to read what we’ve laid out below.

All People First

People are at the heart of all we do at Plato—they are the fuel that makes this organization run. We take delight in this adventure we’re on, and always embrace the unknown. From our clients and Plato Mentors, to our fellow team members, we are driven by giving these people joy, and are constantly on the hunt for new ways to do so.

How have you encouraged a team member lately?

How have you made the life of a client or mentor better this week?

Impactful at Scale

We’ll just come out and say it: we’re ambitious and results driven. A lot of people are, but we take it a step further. We believe it’s not simply enough to be impactful - we want to impact as many people as we can. To do this, we use advances in technology thoughtfully, taking the resources we have, to build the future we want to see. We are constantly in search of new ones that will further our mission without slowing us down.

How have you encouraged a team member lately?

How have you made the life of a client or mentor better this week?

Always be growing

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of potential -  in having a curious mind and always moving forward. As an individual, and a company, a key mission at Plato is creating this environment for growth. We believe the two are intertwined. How you grow on an emotionally intelligent level is just as important to us as how we’re growing as a business. We look for this characteristic in everyone we hire, and it’s how we encourage and challenge each other to grow and learn. We embrace failure, learn from our mistakes - sharing them openly, and we delight in those unexpected moments of clarity that come from it.

Where are you going to be a year from now vs. today?

Move Fast

At Plato, we’re moving at the “speed of fleeting.” We build fast, break things fast, and believe that every experience is an opportunity to learn. We’re experimental by nature, and always looking to keep the momentum going. We trust our fellow team members to try out new ideas, and we believe in taking ownership over those ideas.

What have you tested this week?

The Makers, Creators, and Visionaries


Quang has a healthy obsession with all things digital, strongly believing in the intersection of design and technology. Constantly exploring and prototyping new ideas, he'll jump at the chance to be involved in any aspect of a project. You may catch him reading Malcolm Gladwell or watching reruns of The Sopranos.

Quang Hoang

CoFounder + CEO

Aerospace engineer by training, I've always wanted to build things that have an impact on the world. I truly enjoy the winding road to success of the entrepreneurial journey and I love spending time with friends, outdoor activities, and I play badminton whenever I can. I also have a few dreams that will eventually come true: like doing tap dancing or becoming a pilot.

Jean-Baptiste Coger

CoFounder + CPO

Passion would be the word I think people use to describe me. In terms of passions, I love getting to know people, engaging + philosophic conversations, travel, and knowing that my work has an impact.

Matt Groetelaars

Head of Customer Success

Lover of a good meme, Poya fancies both customer success and helping companies go to market. He is an avid exercise junkie. Writing about personal finance with a cup of tea? Yep you'll find him doing that, too.

Poya Osgouei

Head of Sales

After graduating from ESCP, Nina learned the ropes of Account Management and P&L ownership at Webhelp, Europe's leading business process outsourcer. She joined FretLink, a Series A Freight-forwarding Marketplace, as Head of Operations, and now Plato, as Head of Product Operations. On a personal level, she enjoys playing Golf and Tennis, and a good coconut water!

Nina d'Iribarne

Head of Product Operations

Mustafa has worked at tech companies like Facebook and SoFi, and he's excited to lead events for Plato. His events have been covered by the NY Times and CNN, and he's produced activations for brands like American Express, Target, IBM, and Zappos. And he's really good at politely asking to get to the front row at concerts.

Mustafa (Khan)

Head of Events

Growing up with eight siblings I've always been open to new ideas and perspectives. Due to their influence, I'm always open to new opportunities, trying different things and taking on challenges.

Doug Flaherty

Account Executive

Louis Pré

Software Engineer

Coming from a theatre background, I'm always interested in hearing people's stories and exploring new experiences. Working on a team, corgis, and my family are the three most important things to me. :)

Jen Bigoness


Bode is a proud UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech alum with experience across production and logistics with General Motors, GE Aviation and Porsche. He is passionate about making customers lives better by helping solve their problems. Bode is also a self-proclaimed world champion debater of Hip-Hop Music, NBA Basketball and Anime.

Bode Faleye

Customer Success Specialist

I studied both statistical engineering and business administration in France, and I have spent the past couple of years on various Business Intelligence projects. I am fond of reading, writing, and hiking.

Bastien Vallée

Data Analyst

I grew up in beautiful northwestern Oregon, playing sports and spending time outdoors. I moved to the Bay Area for college and fell in love with it during those four years. I came to Plato after a year abroad in India and couldn't be happier to be working for such an impactful company! When I’m not at work, you can find me outside, with friends, cooking or reading a book.

Carson Whisler

Customer Success Associate

Assad is passionate about working with engineers from all backgrounds, and building long term relationships. Assad enjoys short walks to the fridge, barbells, and his bed (in no particular order). When he's not being sarcastic, he's sleeping.

Assad Ali

Account Executive

Julien Cheiroux

Sales Development

I have joined Plato as a Product Manager. I am in charge of building the product managers vertical and enabling the team to be more data-informed. I am passionate about building awesome products that people love, and leveraging data to help us make better decisions.

Melodie Belot

Product Manager

I firmly believe the best way to double a team's productivity is to increase everyone's deadlift by 100 pounds.

Shawn Reisner

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Things You Definitely Don’t Might Not Know About the Team


prefer Dogs over Cats


total number of languages spoken fluently by the team


team members come
from France


is the name of our CEO's
pet rabbit


team members collect currency from different countries


team member is a twin + another has eight siblings


team members play an instrument


aerospace engineers on
the team

Advisors + Investors


Y Combinator

Alven Capital



Eric Yuan

Founder / CEO

Olivier Pomel

Cofounder / CEO

Nicolas Dessaigne

Cofounder / CEO

Jeff Queisser

Cofounder / SVP Eng

Sam Ghods

Cofounder / VP Technology

Thomas Baretto

VP Engineering

Jason M Lemkin


Andrew Miklas

Cofounder / former CTO

Mathilde Collin

Cofounder / CEO

Lois Monier

Head of Data Science

Luc Vincent

VP Engineering

Tido Carriero

VP Engineering

Nicolas Pinto

Head of Deep Learning

Seth Sakamoto

VP Engineering

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