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Yang Wang

Head of Product Engineering at Bond

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Joined Sep 2021

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- Expertise: Growing teams at various company stages (i.e., Series A, B, C to IPO/public) Developing individual contributors and new managers in software engineering Collaborate and influence leadership and peers on product initiatives and strategic direction - About me: My name is Yang, and I have led engineering teams at a few companies. I have focused my professional career on building great products that unlock value for the customers. In addition, I find fulfillment in helping women succeed in the technology industry, specifically in software engineering. The mentor and mentee relationship is about fit and trust. When fit and trust are there, it is meaningful and rewarding for both mentor and mentee. For ten plus years, I have worked in Silicon Valley’s software companies at various stages, from Series A/B/C to IPO/public). I have built my track record of building high-performing engineering teams. I invest time and energy to help individual contributors perform differently as they progress in levels from junior, to senior and staff. I use a growth mindset and strength development as a leader.


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