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Prateek Parekh

Technical Lead at Zoom

ex-eBay | ex-Oracle | Author

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Joined Feb 2023

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I'm currently a Technical Lead at Zoom and have been primarily working on the Payments & Billing platform for the past 2 years. In the past, I also worked at companies like eBay, Oracle and Sun Microsystems on building private clouds, Tracking & Experimentation, and Search. I am also a Technical Author at Pluralsight for the past few years, authoring courses on Distributed systems, Javascript and the Ruby programming language. Some of the areas that I have been helping Plato mentees include navigating the career ladder at their companies (either from a Technical standpoint or management), developing interpersonal skills and relationships with various stakeholders (PMs, Business Analysts, EMs), managing up while setting expectations with your manager, and building teams from the ground up. I have been fortunate enough to work at multiple companies and learn from many brilliant enthusiastic colleagues and I'm excited to share and help others from my experience. I am passionate about mentorship and building strong teams. I believe in Plato's idea of learning by teaching. I'm a strong believer in building communities and helping people work together to achieve their goals.


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